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Build an inclusive future with us.

The Hub of Innovation for Inclusion is the leading innovation
incubation center of the College of St Benilde.

Share our vision.

We bring together changemakers who believe in our mission of putting
People, Planet, Profit, and Purpose at the center of innovation.

Inclusive innovation begins here.

Introducing the Peter D. Garruco Jr. Innovations Institute: the newest home of innovation
for inclusion for Benilde and beyond.

Welcome to the future.

The BENILDE Hub of Innovation For Inclusion or HiFi incubates ideas
and projects that are people-focused, planet-sustaining, profit-generating, and purpose-driven.
We are an open community for all who wish to create and scale social impact.

Build on your skills or widen your horizons.

Listen and connect with fellow agents of change, and captains of industry through our learning sessions.

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Create an inclusive future with the best and brightest.

Develop yourself as an innovator for inclusion through the HomebrewED and Future-Shapers programs.

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Give your innovation a home.

Work with us at the PDGii, home to an ecosystem of changemakers.

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Be a Future Shaper

A fellowship program for young innovators and entrepreneurs.
Know more about the program here.