We are Benilde HiFi.

The Hub of Innovation For Inclusion is the innovation center of Benilde.

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We are a space for all
who want to make impact.

Our modern four-story building is designed to be a collaborative space where innovative ideas are cultivated.

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We are a co-working space.

Our co-working spaces are designed for openness, transparency and collaboration.

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We are an events space.

Our workshop spaces are equipped with z-racks and t-walls for big workshops. Our roofdeck has an elevated section that serves as breathing space.

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We are the home of innovators and social entrepreneurs.

Benilde Fashion Design and Merchandising alumni Mamuro & Abraham of Ha.Mu Studios are being mentored in our HomebrewEd incubation program.

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We are the home of startups this side of Manila.

Begin your startup journey in HiFi, the home of innovators in Benilde and beyond.

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