peter d. garrucho jr. innovation institute


The Peter D. Garrucho Jr. Innovation Institute (PDGII) is an innovation space and business incubator for social good startups in Benilde and beyond. Designed by Javier Design Studios Manila, targeted for completion in Q4 2018, this new campus is envisioned as the space and platform that opens its arms to all who wish to create and scale social impact.

Benilde’s partnership with Mr. Peter D. Garrucho Jr. is a testimony of its commitment to social impact, manifested through the building of an innovation space, conduct of responsible research that results in the development of innovation, recognition and incubation of ideas that address UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Benilde recognizes the key importance of these areas where innovation is much needed, thus, special incubation programming will be allocated for agriculture and sustainable energy. This Institute incubates the design of innovations that are desirable, viable, and feasible. We therefore honor the man who has generously sown into our purpose and calling. His act of faith, hope and charity is definitely defining the future of social innovation in the country.

Some of you may be saying that is a generous Act of Charity. It is, because P25 million represents a major contribution for me. But let me add just as quickly that this is also a major Act of Faith. Many of you who have asked me, what is an Institute of Innovation meant to do. I didn’t know then and I know a bit more now and I still have a ways to go. It is all part of my education… As I know more, I have more and more Faith in the wisdom of this contribution. In moving on, let me say that this enterprise also entails an Act of Hope. A major motivator for me is the Institute’s potential to help trigger Inclusive Growth.

I know something about Development to be persuaded that the mantra for our times is for Inclusive Growth. My Act of Hope is fortified by the Network of provincial schools that the Institute has linked up with and supported with familiarization, training, mentoring on various aspects of Innovation which might yield more projects that may see commercial development… In closing, let me say that my contribution will not end with the payment of the check. I plan to continue to help with my network of experienced friends and businessmen, my many suggestions, and my overall support in our road towards Inclusive Growth.

— Peter D. Garrucho Jr.